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Dear patients, 


It wasn’t easy to find a good topic for this newsletter, because I had so many ideas going through my head. What is new and worth to be told? Which medical facts would be important and interesting?

What is the basic reason for an operation – What is your profit?

For the answer of this question, I worked out four goals:

1. 1. The never-ending growing of the adipose tissue must be stopped

We can’t really explain why it really works. It’s the same like the unexplainable development of a lipedema. Also, the common worry of a returning lipedema, reasoned by a pregnancy is luckily not confirmed. On the other hand, a lipedema becomes rapidly worse during pregnancy in many cases, if it wasn’t operated before.


Only a few individual cases are known that had growing adipose tissues after surgery. These people should urgently see a doctor to get tested for different diseases than lipedema that cause the retouring fat.

2. 2. Pain should be eliminated and mobility should be improved

It nearly always works and makes the treatment so surprisingly efficient. Really impressive for me was the experience by very oversized women, who suffered under lipedema and obesity. What did I want to gain by over 100kg with sucking off a few liters fat?

But the affected women always talked about a totally changed mobility - a new life! The targeted improvement of lymph flow could probably be an explanation.

Furthermore, older patients with a later diagnosis of lipedema won’t have the same results as younger women with not such a long course of disease, but it’s still possible to improve their condition.

3. 3. The lifelong requirement of expedient and medical treatment shout be stopped

Here, it’s not really easy to tell the future development before. Early diagnosed, a consequent conservative treatment, and surgery in young years can led to that aim, and beautiful legs. The possibility of a retouring lipedema is than pretty low.

By a lipedema, it’s very common to have a slow metabolism, and it’s really hard to keep a low weight. Compression and other treatments are indispensable after a liposuction to prevent gaining weight directly.

Compressions are sometimes required after an operation, if the affected patient is older by the time of the operation, and got a late diagnosis of lipedema.

Prof. Schmeller was able to show that in one of his own examination. Most patients talked about a better quality of life, and would go through a surgery again because it was worth to suffer for the result of thin legs.

But if you consider that many workers in service or sale work with compression - or stabilizing stockings. So you can say, that the transition from lipedema and „normal healthy“ legs is fluently.

4. 4. Femininity should be given back- for strengthening the self-confidence

It’s very important to me, to aim that goal. I share that desire with my effected female patients, who are often afraid to express their feelings, because of a hurt soul. Many women fear, that their friends and family will judge them because of a plastic-surgery, but I’m not a plastic-surgeon and lipoedema is a serious disease and can’t be healed with diets or high amounts of sport.

Lipedema often develops in puberty; the most sensible time in the life of a girl. The time, where a girl shouldn’t worry about bigger legs. Where a pimple on the wrong spot is a catastrophe. So it’s like the end of the world, if the body starts getting plumper.

The self-confidence begins to fade, and how should a woman manage her life in profession, family, and partnership under these conditions?

And if that wouldn’t be enough; her condition will become even worse. Her legs will begin to hurt and feel heavier from day to day, and will dim her happiness rapidly. The physical load, that will develop for sure, required medical help.

Why shouldn’t honest handwork lead to a „beautiful“ result?

The „water jet technique“ is the qualified tool to reform the body contour.


Dear readers, it’s my desire and my daily duty to reach perfect results. This will only happen if I have your support and your trust.

My next newsletter will talk about the extensive concept of the successful treatment against lipedema, and your active part on it.

Dr. Falk-Christian Heck



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